For Advertisers

The Business Plaza - it's new business made really simple!

The Business Plaza is about bringing buyers and sellers together in the local community; but not ALL sellers because you should have an advantage over your competitors.

In summary:

    • We have a lot of consumers in your area
    • You have products or services to sell
    • We bring the two of you together
    • We don’t let all of your competitors in
    • You become a supporter of your local community
    • We market you for a full year
    • It's surprisingly inexpensive

That’s it!

Members of local communities really do support those that support them, which makes this better than ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ and more like a recommendation of your company from the local community. If you want to make your advertising work harder for you in the local area, and want to help provide facilities for participating sporting clubs or schools, then the Business Plaza is for you. As an advertiser you are in good company with other major, national and local advertisers. And it works! To book an advertisement now Click Here