For Clubs & Schools

Sporting clubs and schools constantly need funding to provide facilities and usually rely on volunteers providing substantial amounts of their time in fundraising programmes as an adjunct to sponsorship. This, with increasing demands on volunteer ‘Not for Profit’ organisations, results in volunteer burn-out.

It is becoming increasingly hard to find volunteers, and those that do volunteer are doing more and more while the costs of running a sporting club or school continue to increase.

Business Plaza provides a source of regular revenue for community groups without requiring the current committee members and volunteers to do more.

Business Plaza develops and manages all aspects of the Business Plaza, and is responsible for all associated costs. Community based organizations that qualify for a Business Plaza receive income as a percentage of all advertising charged and a percentage of commissions from certain advertisers.

In addition, members of each participating community receive bonuses or discounts when purchasing products or services from many advertisers in the Business Plaza, a substantial benefit seen as being provided by the sporting club or school to their members. To register you club for a Business Plaza, Click Here.